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  • Extractor


    Stainless type with sleek and clean appearance and strong durability. Zinc alloy type with heat-resistant advantage compared to plastic items. ...

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  • Filter Box (Fandora)/Accessory

    Filter Box (FANDORA)/Accessory

    There are two types. Bridge type: Mounted in the middle of the duct. Grill type: mounted on the wall Filtering ...

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  • Green Fans

    Green Fans

    The possibility to control the angle according to the topography and conditions of the location. Automatically operate in accordance with ...

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  • Hot Air Blower/Yeoulbaram

    Hot Air Blower/YEOULBARAM

    Variety range of capacity.(6, 12, 18,30 Kw) Reduced the heating cost regardless of the rising oil price. Adopted the semi-permanent ...

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