Plastic Fans

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  • Ceiling Fans-1

    Ceiling Fans-1

    Low sound levels and electric consumption. Easy installation. Suitable for centrifugal fan applications. There are two different grill types. Usages ...

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  • Ceiling Fans-2

    Ceiling Fans-2

    Simple and elegant design. Large air flow and low sound level. Applied energy-saving motors. There are five different grill designs ...

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  • Plastic Ventilation Fans

    Plastic Ventilation Fans

    Easy to install and clean it. Designed to be quiet. Low electric consumption. The net in front is designed efficiently ...

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  • Multi Ceiling Fans

    Multi Ceiling Fans

    Low sound levels and electric consumption. There are two different types, (supply, exhaust) Centralized ventilation system. Only one can have ...

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