Axial Fans

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  • Vane Axial Fans/Tfd Series

    Vane Axial Fans/TFD Series

    Designed for high static pressure and large air volume. Low sound levels and light weight. Motor durability is improved by ...

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  • Large Vane Axial Fans

    Large vane axial fans

    Designed for large air volume and Low sound levels. Cooling for hot coil and ventilating the steam. Usages Steel mill, ...

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  • Duct In-Line Fans

    Duct In-Line Fans

    Hydrodynamics design for high efficiency. Stable shift of static pressure according to the change of airflow. Low sound level by ...

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  • Mixed Flow Fans/Tfj-Series

    Mixed Flow fans/TFJ-Series

    The turbo axial blade based upon the hydrodynamics offers you less noise. The fixed air guide blade can move the ...

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