Turbo Mixed Fans / TFX-Series


  • Turbo Mixed Fans

    Turbo Mixed Fans


Fanzic Turbo Mixed Fans

  • Using aluminum turbo blade actualizes high static pressure and light weight.
  • Directly connect the motor with the fan enable easy treatnent and installation.
  • Easy to check and repair by removing the motor and the fan.
  • The appearance of quadrilateral improves efficiency of installation at the desired location.



Fanzic Turbo Mixed Fans

  • Ventilation, blowing, and air conditioning for restaurant where generates lots of oil,every building apartment, underground market, factory, house, office, warehouse, etc.
  • Fans for assembly in apparatus and coolers : commutators, transformers, dryers, etc.

Drawing_TFX-F31 FS / FT

Drawing_TFX-F36 GS / GT

Drawing_TFX-F39 HS / HT


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