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  • Small Centrifugal Fans/Tfb-Series

    Small Centrifugal Fans/TFB-Series

    Fanzic Small Centrifugal Fans Low sound levels. Easy installation. Easy to check and repair by removing the motor and the ...

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  • Large Centrifugal Fans/Tfb-G31 Tfb-G36

    Large Centrifugal Fans/TFB-G31 TFB-G36

    Fanzic Large Centrifugal Fan is Low sound levels. Easy installation. Easy to check and repair by removing the motor and ...

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  • Cabinet Centrifugal Fans/Tfs-Series

    Cabinet Centrifugal Fans/TFS-Series

    Fanzic Cabinet Centrifugal Fans An extractor fan offers a relatively constant air volume even when the duct resistance(static pressure) is ...

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  • Double Inlet Centrifugal Fans/Tfb-Gd Series

    Double Inlet Centrifugal Fans/TFB-GD Series

    Low sound levels. Easy installation. Easy to check and repair by removing the motor and the fan. The appearance of ...

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  • Small Propeller Fans/Tfp-Series

    Small Propeller Fans/TFP-Series

    Adopted a streamlined blade for low sound levels. Anti corrosive and vibro-isolating properties. Usages Factories, workshops, warehouses, restaurants, etc. are ...

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  • Large Propeller Fans

    Large Propeller Fans

    Impeller is designed for high air volume and static pressure. Adopted a stainless impeller for anti corrosive. Low sound levels. ...

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  • Large Propeller Fans-Belt Type

    Large Propeller fans-Belt Type

    Impeller is designed for high air volume. Adopted a stainless impeller for anti corrosive. Low sound levels. Operating with automatic ...

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  • Shutter-Accessory


    Aluminum shutter. Anti corrosive. Low opening sound. Usages Controlling the air volume of propeller fan. Keeps out rainwater, pressure and ...

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  • Large Vane Axial Fans

    Large vane axial fans

    Designed for large air volume and Low sound levels. Cooling for hot coil and ventilating the steam. Usages Steel mill, ...

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  • Duct In-Line Fans

    Duct In-Line Fans

    Hydrodynamics design for high efficiency. Stable shift of static pressure according to the change of airflow. Low sound level by ...

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  • Mixed Flow Fans/Tfj-Series

    Mixed Flow fans/TFJ-Series

    The turbo axial blade based upon the hydrodynamics offers you less noise. The fixed air guide blade can move the ...

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  • Ceiling Fans-1

    Ceiling Fans-1

    Low sound levels and electric consumption. Easy installation. Suitable for centrifugal fan applications. There are two different grill types. Usages ...

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  • Ceiling Fans-2

    Ceiling Fans-2

    Simple and elegant design. Large air flow and low sound level. Applied energy-saving motors. There are five different grill designs ...

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  • Plastic Ventilation Fans

    Plastic Ventilation Fans

    Easy to install and clean it. Designed to be quiet. Low electric consumption. The net in front is designed efficiently ...

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  • Multi Ceiling Fans

    Multi Ceiling Fans

    Low sound levels and electric consumption. There are two different types, (supply, exhaust) Centralized ventilation system. Only one can have ...

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  • Extractor


    Stainless type with sleek and clean appearance and strong durability. Zinc alloy type with heat-resistant advantage compared to plastic items. ...

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  • Filter Box (Fandora)/Accessory

    Filter Box (FANDORA)/Accessory

    There are two types. Bridge type: Mounted in the middle of the duct. Grill type: mounted on the wall Filtering ...

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  • Green Fans

    Green Fans

    The possibility to control the angle according to the topography and conditions of the location. Automatically operate in accordance with ...

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  • Hot Air Blower/Yeoulbaram

    Hot Air Blower/YEOULBARAM

    Variety range of capacity.(6, 12, 18,30 Kw) Reduced the heating cost regardless of the rising oil price. Adopted the semi-permanent ...

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