Institute of Technology

The Fanzic R&D will continue our efforts to make
the FANZIC products be the world-best

The Fanzic Associated R&D has been formally recognized as an associated R&D by the Korea Industrial Promotion Association on 1 June 2001.
Since then, the company has been focusing all its efforts in improving a blower related production technology and in its quality for the production of the blower impeller.
Also, in order to survive ourselves from the keen technology competition in the global production market, our staffs strive their best for the research
and development of the ventilating fan and the blower so that we can meet the need an ever increasing requirements of the customers in this modernindustrial society.

Our products are being exported to the some twenty(20) different countries throughout China, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and South Africa,
and our production technologies with these products are well reputed at present.
Thus, it is our confident that our staffs are contributing greatly to maintain a comfortable environment through developing the environmentally friendly products.

The Fanzic R&D will continue our efforts to make the FANZIC products be the world-best and that the Fanzic can be reborn as a globalized blower manufacturer.

We are under the design work for developing a high quality blower meeting the needs of the customer's requirements, based on the qualified researchers with
various researching equipment and facilities on hand by us.
In this regard, we are pleased to advise that we are in possession of the highest degree of technology in producing the impeller,
the core component of the blower domestically.

Lastly, please be advised that all of our products are being designed and manufactured
under the strict control of the ISO 9001 Quality Management and Quality Assurance Standards.